Friday, March 24, 2017

Top 4 Myths of Social Media Marketing Everyone Should Know

Social media is dynamic, ever-evolving, and grabbing new roles every now and then for the best. This points, how it is changing the ways and techniques of our traditional business. Although phase of social media marketing started a few years ago, the concept has ruled enough to stimulate some misconceptions.

Following are some widespread myths with facts related to them:

Myth 1: Social media is only for millennial.

Fact: Thinking social platforms are a hub for youth then it’s absolutely WRONG philosophy. In fact, studies show 40% of active Facebook users are over 35. Hence, if a company cutout from social media thinking that catering target audience will be difficult than that company needs to change its perception about social media.

Myth 2: Need to be on all social networking sites.

Fact: Lots of social media sites do exist, however, it’s not required to set profiles in each of those sites. Before indulging your business in social media sites, perform a research and select the best-suited platforms for your website promotion. If any network does not work well, cutting it loose is valid.

Myth 3: Can same post be published on all social platforms.

Fact: To save time and effort, marketers post single post on every social media platforms. It’s not a fair game as every platform is different and has special requirements to focus on. For instance, LinkedIn is a professional site so the post should be tailor-made with appealing content and Instagram is mainly packed with millennial generation and the main focus is on images.

Myth 4: Social media platforms are free.

Fact: Set up of both personal and corporate account doesn’t cost any money. To post simple things on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, etc. you need not spend any money. Adequate investment is required when paid advertising route is taken into consideration. Nothing comes in free, investment of sufficient time for research, refinement, and effort will take you to success.

For the full insight on how social media marketing can build brand awareness and online presence, a little myth-busting is important. It’s better to know the whole truth than half-lies!

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