Monday, March 20, 2017

Strong Influence of Social Media over the Hospitality Industry

In the hospitality industry, businesses whether big or small depend largely on strong reviews and word of mouth from genuine customers, which are available on different social media platforms. The impact of social networks is quite influential in this stage of civilization and socialism.  Social outlets have gained credentials as a natural marketing tool and travelers constantly use social media platforms to brag about the pros and cons of their adventurous trips. The intentional or inadvertent use of social media related to hospitality industry has relevant impacts on their businesses. Below are some tactics regarding how companies use social platforms to market products and services as well as raise their quality bar.


Social platforms evolve from a strictly peer-to-peer communication channels to engage more and more clients effectively. The communication methods are revised time and again, but the intention remains same - marketing, promotion, and target audience. The difference lies in the speed strategy and reach-out. A social media analysis reveals the preferences of targeted audience like styles, tastes, purchase habits and favorite social media communication platforms. Hence, hospitality industry keeps on adopting creative marketing campaigns to encourage new customers.


After performing promotional campaigns, different businesses of the hospitality industry measure their success rate. The advanced analytic tools can be synced along with the traffic channels to help marketing professionals gain more idea about the good and bad part of their products and services. Digitization of the communication channels often motivates greater transparency in customer responses. This encourages consumer engagement which pay offs in the long-term.


Once a company starts using any social marketing campaigns to sell their product or service, it keeps on building a better relationship with customers. These social media channels then become a key tool to online presence and brand management. For instance, if a customer manages a weekend getaway with family through any social media campaign, on being happy and satisfied – positive reviews will be gained and will help uplift the name of the hotel, but on facing any poor experience, he will promptly share it on social media and this will defame the company. All these reviews are important as the person had a personal relationship with the company.

Internet plays a vital role in hospitality industry businesses. Tech savvy clients understand the influence of social media over the hospitality industry, so add them for betterment!

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