Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Facts and Figures on Facebook and Twitter in the Travel World

Over the years, users have noticed that while Facebook connects you to people you went school with Twitter you could follow people you wished you had been to school with. Today, social media has become a statement in itself. Public surveys reveal, Twitter and Facebook are the most widespread and used social platforms. So, when it come to promoting your travel business, make sure you never overlook these networks.

Before adding Facebook and Twitter to your business network, let’s check out some facts and figures to understand the cycle of these social networks:

Facebook being the most popular source of prospects, has around 1.5 billion users and nearly 450 million every day users. From statistics, it has come into account that 42% of Facebook users share, post or publish travel related posts when compared to other topics. Facebook is considered the ruler of social network with a special focus on travel world.

On the other hand, Twitter has marked its territory with 320 million users till date and it has seen nearly 37% of the total count purchase products and services from brands they follow.

Accounts on both these social platforms are quite easy to create and handle. It takes interaction to another level of ease and becomes the resource of best information regarding hotels, accommodations, travel destination, best cuisines, and transportation facility.

Interacting with users who post on your wall increases your chances of online visibility as many a times on sharing or posting the feed becomes live on other’s newsfeed which probably multiplies the chances of LIKE
on your page.

Also, Facebook and Twitter can also become your ground for customer service, where question and answers are exchanged between expected buyer, marketers or user.  All these feedbacks play a vital role and give an idea of what needs improvement and what works. Ultimately, this attracts new customers!

Promotion of business related to tourism, costs very low. So, diversify context and do not restrict yourself with text, go with images, infographics, and videos. Facebook and Twitter with original content provides best opportunity to create a community and build relationships with guests.

Currently, smartphones are the best mode of communication and work as the best social media tool that allow you to communicate with people anywhere and anytime .

Social media is authentic and if you haven’t tasted its efficiency, jump on the bandwagon! 

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