Monday, March 20, 2017

7 Tricks on Creation of Successful Facebook Posts for Users

Facebook with its increased users have gained the highest popularity in social networking and small and big brands take the privilege of Facebook to promote their name and gain fame.
Below are 7 tricks that assist you in making truly valuable posts:

1.    Short and Precise: Google and Facebook fans scan the posts rather reading it. So, keep the message short and crisp to engage more fans. Research and study say posts with 80 characters or less 27% high user engagements than more characters. So keep it short, crisp and precise.

2.    Post Eye Catching Images: Visual approach is better than contextual approach. The photos can convey all types of messages to the user. Compliment your context with good pictures to get better views and likes when in the news feed. While posting photos and Infographics, check their size according to mobile app and desktop’s news feed.

3.    Full or Short URLs: A 3 times higher engagement rates is seen when the full-length URLs are posted rather than using shortened URLs.

4.    Add Variety in Posts: No need of adding links and images to every post, but remember to make your posts interesting and catchy enough to interest Facebook users better engagement. Assert your posts with text-only updates, videos, polls, Infographics, links, images, and questions. Add charm to the text posts with some current affairs, fun, and personal touch.

5.    Choose Apt Post Timing: Try to post after the normal official hours for a better promotion of brands and the rates of engagement seem to grow by 20% on these posts. Posting once or twice per day increase the user engagement up to 40%. Again, posts on weekend are quite effective than the other days of the week.

6.    Keep it Relevant and Real: Provide authentic depiction of your brand and connect to your audience group with real and relevant facts to make them understand that you value their needs and desires. Include links directing to the landing page of website and call to action for a better inbound marketing.

7.    Be Responsive: Be polite, interactive, and responsive to all positive and negative comments.

The adoption of aforementioned tricks and tips will take your brand promotion on a higher level and users will start acknowledging your site, products and services.

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