Tuesday, March 21, 2017

5 LinkedIn Strategies Making It Apt for B2B Lead Generation

Business is finding new modes of lead generation and brand awareness with the growth of social media. Being the world’s largest online professional network, LinkedIn has gained a huge attention of around 450 million members. In every second two new members are signing up to LinkedIn to sharpen their professionalism. LinkedIn has gained ‘decision makers’ that directly or indirectly involve lead generation and business marketing is becoming a key to B2B rule.

So, here we have enlisted 5 strategies to improve online presence on LinkedIn and boost the B2B lead generation:

*Optimize Your LinkedIn Business Page: Create the business page as an extension of your website that reflects your brand, deeds, and products brilliantly. Optimize your company page with company overview, add company specialties using the keywords, link the content to products and landing pages and indulge in news feed with infographics, banners and videos.

*Share Your Expertise Area: Come up with your skills and expertise. Communities in LinkedIn relate to different genre and show interest in advice and insight regarding different topics. Brands can gain authority by sharing engaging content to captivate some potential leads.

*Encourage Your Opportunity with LinkedIn Groups: Do not just join groups to post links, it might lead to banning or penalty. Rather use groups to build rapport and trust of users. Try to place yourself as a group expert and win the attention of leads with blogs, polls, and discussion. Invite group fellows to join your page and send messages regarding webinars and other opportunities.

*Utilize LinkedIn Applications and Ad Platform: Promote best brand content on LinkedIn pages and on employee’s profiles using LinkedIn’s applications and SlideShare. Also include eBooks, PDFs, and tutorials for B2B lead generation. Pay-per-click advertising can exceptionally target the audience group for better brand exposure and to captivate correct B2B companies.

*Be Specific About Target Audience: LinkedIn eases targeting audience especially with Premium memberships. Its search tools and profiling capabilities are promising enough to find and connect to interested people.

To widen your business profile and boost B2B leads, LinkedIn is the right platform. Increase the conversion by sharing, listening, connecting, networking, and analyzing. Be professional with LinkedIn!

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